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About Us

Who we are: 

EuroTech Machining and Engineering in Essex, Vermont, is a CNC machining company that offers diverse precision machining capabilities, programming, design and vigorous lead times to ensure top quality for our customers and guaranteed on-time delivery. With years of experience and a diverse team, EuroTech specializes in multi-axis machining with a variety of materials including; Titanium, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Exotic Metals, Glass Filled Material and Engineered Plastics. 

Industries we serve:

EuroTech Machining and Engineering manufactures diverse parts from a wide range of industries including:


·       Aerospace

·       Automotive

·       Die and Mould 

·       Medical 

·       Oil & Gas

·       Renewable Energy 

With our skill sets we have developed in our highly diversified company, we ensure top quality production and on time delivery of your single piece custom order or your large quantity order.

Mission Statement:

EuroTech Machining and Engineering stands by its word and motive of presenting incomparable quality, attention, and leadership to all of its customers. We use the most advanced machining equipment, methods and engineers to deliver clear, concise, and accurate solutions to your everyday needs. With our skilled team, facility, and motive, we are positive in creating and keeping relations with our current and future customers.

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